Bolognese puppies part 1
Voilà Bella Bimba

Bolognese puppies Part 1

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Voilà Bella Bimba

Hello from Puzinuz Amore Livio - "Elton"
Puzinuz Amore Livio
Elton in training to ride
the bike this summer!

Doggles on and join the exercises
in the garage!

(Watch out on the roads!)
Now to the real thing!!
Puzinuz Amore Livio

Esclusivo - Ewita - Elena and Laila
New Year's Eve 2000
Laila and puppies
Laila and puppies

Dirty dogs
Dirty dogs
A bunch of dirty pigs?
(This rainy fall ..... PUH!)

Puzinuz Amore Eterno
  Photo: Peter Lindgren ©2000
Greetings from
Puzinuz Amore Eterno - "ET"

For the moment practising Christmas songs ...

V O V in a high key is a problem!

(Sitting steady helps!)

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