The tattoed Bolognese
"The tattoed Bolognese"

© 2007 Glenn Bergman. All rights reserved
Photos may not be copied or in any other way used without our permission.
Glenn's tattoo
This tattoo is done 2007
by the Swedish artist
Jan Östlund in Kristianstad.

Jan is famous and a master
to translate photographs
of humans as well as animals
to a very picturelike tattoo.
This is the model for the tattoo work.

A photo, spread all over the word
as an adhesive decal.

The Bolognese is Lillebror
(Voilà Divino), born 1996.
Lillebror is shy?!
Lillebror do not like
too much publicity.

He is a Bolognese you know!?
  Lillebror is that special dog you only will own once in your lifetime.
  Therefore you maybe will do something special for this special friend.
  And I've done it - my way!

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