Bolognese Photo Collage of Amorina
The world's most successful Bolognese
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Puzinuz Amore Amorina - Rina
Owner and successful handler is
Britt Skarhammar in Helsingborg, Sweden

Britt and Rina are very successful
in the show rings in Sweden as well in Europe.

The photo to the right is from a show in Italy
there Rina (and Britt) "cleared the tables"
with the Italian competitors!
Puzinuz Amore Amorina
Puzinuz Amore Amorina
World Winner Puppy
Swedish Champion
Finnish Champion
Danish Champion
Norwegian Champion
International Champion
Nordic Champion
European Winner 1999
Copenhagen Winner 1998, 1999, 2000 and 2001
Deutscher Bundessieger 2000
Swedish Winner 2000 and 2001
Nordic Winner 2000 and 2001
Best in Show BBHC 2001 och 2003
A lot of BoB and BoS .......
Rina as winner of

World Winner Puppy

Helsinki, Finland, June 14 1998

Puzinuz Amore Amorina
Puzinuz Amore Amorina
Rina as Swedish Champion.

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