Photo archives

      Isa - the sailing dog
           Can you keep a Bolognese on a sail boat?
      Cosimo is making success in United Kingdom
           Results from the show rings etc.
      Annie from United Kingdom
           Our female Annie, imported from U.K.
      Alba with her new family
           A report from Alba.
      Puzinuz' most northerly puppy
           Rally in his new home in Luleå
      Muh and his new family in Staffanstorp, Sweden
           Muh showing himself and his family.
      Razmuz moving out
           Razmuz in his new home and family.
      The world's most successful Bolognese
           Puzinuz Amore Amorina
      Tjillevippen continue exploring the world
           Tjillevippen eating ice cream from Åhus.
      Greetings from Lollo in Gothenburg
           From Willmor & Svenne, her "parents"
      Milli and her new family in Tungelsta
           From MariAnne & Per, her "parents"
      Isak tells us about his everyday of life
           From his new family
      Maggie and her new family
           From Lena and Gunnar, her "parents"
      Zak goes to England   
           By car all through Europe to England
      Zak's life in U.K.
           Photos from Zak in U.K.
      Miscellaneous pictures
           Pictures with dogs and - humans
      Zak in English newspapers
           Zak in The Daily Telegraph och The Times!!
      Razmuz and his days of life.
           Some pictures from summer and wintertime.
      Isak training agility
           From his trainer and photographer, Maria.
      Vanda and Isa becoming friends.   
           Vanda reporting the news.
      The tattoed Bolognese.   
           Lillebror is now permanently! with his master.
      Greetings from Halmstad, Sweden
           Snäckan reports from her new home.
           Young but old.
      Everything with speed...
           The Bolognese way of transportation.
      Greetings from Finland   
           Bella reports from her new home in Helsinki, Finland.

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