Photo Gallery Bolognese part 2
Voilà Bella Bimba
Rubrik 2b
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Voilà Bella Bimba
A must to dominate the neighbourhood

from the highest position as possible

(The childrens Sacco playbag may due good!)

Voilà Bella Bimba
Hannah and Bollen
A Bolognese is much better

than a teddy bear to sleep with

It is Hannah who sleeps with Bollnäs.
But, who has got the pillow?

This is the habit of a genuin Bolognese!

Don't argue, Daddy told me so!

Katharine never leave anything on her plate.
Strangely or?

Katharina and Bollen
Voilà Candida
The athletic phenomenon "Smulan"

Jumps easy 3 feet on the spot!

Nice to have her landing on your belly
when resting on the sofa?!

To sleep on mistress' arm

feels both safe and warm.

(For both ??)
In the absence of a sleeping mate

I can borrow a cuddly toy from Helena?!

(I don't think she will notice it?!)
As a puppy Bolognese --

It is me who decide how to use a pillow?!

(Well, Glenn who saw me, didn't argue!)
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