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How it all started

Labrador Retriver
When the family 1990 moved from the south to the north part of Skåne, Sweden, we had to decide whether our black Labrador Retreiver, Glenn's hunting-mate for 15 years, should follow us or stay in "the rare hunting-fields".
To move an old dog to a complete new place would maybe do him more harm than happiness.
After a careful consideration, we let him go to "the rare hunting-fields" and a place in dog's heaven. Such hard decitions a dog-owner must be prepared to do and for a long time afterwards think about if it was the right decision.

A new dog
After about a year at the new place, we missed to have a four-legged friend around and started to plan for a new dog. This time a more pet- than a hunting-dog.
After doing some researches in books and magazines, we at last decided to get a Bolognese and tried to find a breeder with a puppy for sale. We could not find any so therefore we decided to try to get a Havanese instead (no 2 on our list).
We contacted Kennel Voilą and the successful breeder Pernilla Glumstrand near Lund (in the southest part of Sweden). We were invited to her kennel and to meet her Havaneses. It was a nice breed and suited our wishes well. After a while we bought a gold-colored female puppy, Voilą Bebe.
You can see her in the Photo Gallery, named "Mimmi", a spoiled dog who do whatever she wants.

The first meeting with a Bolognese
When we went to Pernilla bringing Mimmi home, Pernilla showed us her nice Bolognese male, Voilą Amore Mio. This meeting we will never forget! This was the kind of dog we really wanted, but, he was not for sale. Not even "for all the money in the world" as Pernilla expressed it.
But we were very happy with our Havanese and kept in touch with Pernilla and talked often with her about Bolognese.

Voilą Bella Bimba
After a year or so Pernilla asked us if we were interested in taking care of a Bolognese-puppy for her. We were delighted and answered "YES!" immediately. The Havanese is a very nice dog, but for us the Bolognese is "No 1"!
The newcomer was Voilą Bella Bimba and we gave her the nickname "Bollnäs".
(If you say "Bolognese" fast, it sounds in Swedish as you say "Bollnäs" which is a town in Dalarna, Sweden).

Phoenix zur alten Schmiede from Switzerland
When Bollnäs had grown up she went to Ivar and Grethe in Norway and met their, from Switzerland imported male, Phoenix zur alten Schmiede which resulted in five nice puppies.
Voilą Cara Mia is one of the puppies and can be seen in the Photo Gallery. Her nickname is "Molly".

Fritte from Värmland
Bollnäs went in July this year to Majbritt and Arne in Värmland, Sweden and met their nice male, Fritte as you also can see in the Photo Gallery. The result of the meeting in the deep woods of Värmland you can see at the Puppies' side.

The future
There are a low number of Bolognese in Sweden and new breed material is needed. We have been travelling around all over Europe looking for good dogs in our efforts to improve the breeding base.
It is difficult, but with cooperation, domestic as well as abroad, there are in fact possibilities to even more improve the breeding of the Bolognese.

Kennel Puzinuz Bolognese:
Puzinuz Amore Natannia
Puzinuz Amore Natannia
born May 28th, 2006

Her nickname is "Tanja"

Sire: Puzinuz Amore Cosimo
Dame: Raggy Doll at Clarchien
Swedish Winner -97 Copenhagen Winner -98
Swedish, Danish, Norwegian, Nordic and
FCI International Champion

Voilá Divino
born June 24th, 1996

His nickname is "Lillebror" or "Bobo"

Sire: Voilį Amore Mio
Dame: Voilį Cara Mia

Voilá Divino
Photo: © Åsa Lindholm, Sweden
Puzinuz Amore Cosimo
Swedish and Danish Champion
Puzinuz Amore Cosimo
born March 29th, 1999

His nickname is "Cossi"

Sire: Bingo (Italy)
Dame: Voilá Cara Mia
Puzinuz Amore Delizioso
born September 6th, 1999

His nickname is "Tjillevippen" or "Tjille"

Sire: Bingo (Italy)
Dame: Voilá Bella Bimba
Puzinuz Amore Delizioso
Trollsångens Aglio
Trollsångens Aglio
born November 11th, 2003

His nickname is "Nisse"

Sire. Tammylan British Timon
Dame. Trollsångens Amatricana
Clarchien the Lad
born January 26th, 2003

His nickname is "Jack"

Jack was staying here with us during 2004-2005
and helped us in our breeding.

Jack is now back in U.K with Kathy
of Kennel Clarchien in Manchester.
Clarchien the Lad
Raggy Doll At Clarchien
Raggy Doll At Clarchien
born August 3rd 2002

Her nickname is "Annie"

Sire: Peterhund Stanislad At Clarchien (U.K.)
Dame: Shiarita Call Me Madam For Camerata (U.K.)

Annie was imported from U.K. in 2003
from Kathy Begg, Kennel Clarchien.
Puzinuz Amore Julius
born January 1st 2005

His nickname is "Juhlin"

Sire: Clarchien the Lad; "Jack"
Dame: Puzinuz Amore Felice; "Lisen"
Puzinuz Amore Julius
Puzinuz Amore Honeysuckle Rose
Puzinuz Amore Honeysuckle Rose
born March 16th 2004

Her nickname is "Miss i sippi"

Sire: Voilą Divino; "Lillebror"
Dame: Raggydoll at Clarchien; "Annie"
Puzinuz Amore Imelda
born July 3rd 2004

Her nickname is "Fifi"

Sire: Clarchien the Lad; "Jack"
Dame: Kahluas White On Line; "Millan"
Puzinuz Amore Imelda
Voilą Bella Bimba
Voilá Bella Bimba
born February 13th, 1992

Her nickname is "Bollnäs" or "Bollen"

Sire: Voilá Amore Mio
Dame: Jabir's Bo-Blanc Aekviva
Kahlu'as White On Line
born December 11st, 1999

Her nickname is "Millan"

Sire: Puzinuz Amore Britanno
Dame: SCH Puzinuz Amore Aurora
Kahlu'as White On Line
Puzinuz Amore Felice
Puzinuz Amore Felice
born September 4th 2002

Her nickname is "Lisen"

Sire: Puzinuz Amore Cosimo; "Cossi"
Dame: Kahluas White On Line; "Millan"
Glenn and Laila

Laila & Glenn

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