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Voilą Bella Bimba
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Voilą Bella Bimba

Annie - a very special Bolognese
Raggy Doll at Clarchien Raggy Doll at Clarchien
Annie is a very special Bolognese, often sitting on the table and joining our conversations
when she is not taking a nap together with someone in the family.
In the pictures it is Hannah who has got her company.

Voilą Divino
Voilą Divino
Lillebror taking a nap in the shopping box. Maybe I can go with you??

Voilą Divino
You get tired of reading the crossword dictionary with it's small letters.
Now Laila have to do the crosswords without me!!

We think you by now understand that Lillebror is our Dog No 1.
He is a true companion and is allowed to do things you wouldn't believe.
Like above, take a nap on the kitchen table!

Puzinuz Amore Britanno
©2006 Ola Adamson
We got a picture of an another "No 1"!

Tano who has fell asleep at the keyboard.

He knows of Control+Alt+Delete?!
This is Tano again, 11 years old

cuddling and talking? to his mistress.

Puzinuz Amore Britanno
©2009 Ola Adamson

Voilą Bella Bimba
This is our oldest Bolognese

Voilą Bella Bimba ("Bollnäs")

born February 13 1992

with her coat "blowing in the wind"
of south Sweden

(But the sun, .... where from??)
Puzinuz Amore Colette

with nickname "Isa"

do not like to be

Welcome home!
As a Bolognese owner

you must be prepared

to keep your outdoor clothes on

LONG TIME till all dogs

has said hello to you!!
"If you want to be fine -
there may be some pain"

Here it is Cosimo who is getting his coat
combed and done.

In fact the dogs likes to be fine
and taken care of a while now and then!
Puzinuz Amore Cosimo

Now I've been digging in the garden again!

I'm a little bit ashamed ....

(but only little).
Cool the belly?

This way a real Bolognese is resting!

Flat on the belly with backlegs

straight backwards.
Helena and Esclusivo
Milk is life!

Esclusivo looks in any case satisfied.
Here you can find more photos: part 2 (2)

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